Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You CAN be in two places at once!

It's an odd week here in the Geekmobile ... We headed to Vermont (for the FMCA NE Area Rally) a few days early so we could dog-sit for Murphy while Phil and Tracey flew to Iowa for the Winnebago rally.  Jim took them to the airport on Saturday morning.  Because of the special circumstances, and the fact that we were here a full week early, we got really nice parking spots.  The exhibit hall is the building next to our rig, and the classroom where we'll be doing all our Computer seminars is right next to Phil and Tracey's motorhome.

Then, on Monday, I took Jim to the airport.  His Dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer and he's not accepting any treatment, Hospice has taken over.  His birthday was yesterday, Tuesday the 17th, so it seemed a good opportunity for Jim to go visit and the whole family to gather.

That left me, alone with 2 dogs and 2 motorhomes!  No problem, Murphy moved right in to Jim's spot.

I enjoy my alone time once in a while, and with 2 dogs to keep me company, there's been no loneliness.  The dogs may have wished for more substantial company though when the thunder, lightning, and hail started!  Especially the hail ... OMG it was loud.  I even shot a few seconds of video just to record the sound:

That was the night of Jim Sr.'s birthday party.  I was sorry I couldn't be there - but Jim took his iPad with him, and thru the magic of Google Hangouts, I actually felt like I WAS there!

Google hangouts allows multiple people to join in on a video teleconference.   So, I sat at my computer with the built-in camera pointing at my face, and Jim placed the iPad at one end of the party room so it's camera could show whatever was in front of it.  I could see and hear everyone in their room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  And they could see and hear me in Vermont!  Here are some screen shots I took during the party:

Screen shot from my computer during a Google Hangout.  
It was so much like being there - I could even have side conversations with the grandkids!
Happy Birthday Pop Guld ... you have always been such a class act.  We all love you.  Hope you didn't mind being invaded by all this technology.  I enjoyed being able to take part.

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