Friday, July 13, 2012

New York and Sleepy Hollow

Because of being on the Speaker's Bureau for the APCUG (Ass'n of PC User Groups) we were scheduled to be in West Nyack, New York this week.  Jim searched for a place to stay and found a cool County Park called Croton Point Park.  We are in our 9th year on the road and find ourselves going to many of the same places - so this is fun to be someplace different!

It was not fun getting here however.  All of our GPS devices (and we have quite a few!) told us to come up the Garden State Parkway, then I-95 and go over the George Washington bridge, then north to Croton-on-Hudson.  I wish we had stayed on the Garden State toll road and crossed further north at the Tappan Zee Bridge.
We thought we would avoid some tolls by following the GPS into NYC, but the George Washington bridge cost us $52!
View of NYC from I95.  That's the new One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower
NOT a place you want to be driving in a motorhome!
Here the GPS devices all told us to use the Taconic Parkway.  We got on it,and immediately confronted a sign telling us that only passenger cars were allowed - NO trucks or RVs! So, we got right off again  and found ourselves on city streets in the Bronx, then Highway 9A headed north to Croton-on-Hudson.  The next road sign we did NOT want to see ... 'Clearance 10'6"!! @#$%!  Our motorhome is 13'.
A road sign that makes your heart stop when you're in a 13 ft high RV!
We learned to stay in the left lane.
What should have been an easy 3 hour driving day took us 4 hours and we were both dripping from stress-sweat by the time we reached our destination!

That was soon forgotten however as we explored the park.
Our site at Croton Point Park
Nice walks thru the woods at Croton Point
View of the Hudson looking north
View across the Hudson looking at the Palisades
View from the Tappan Zee bridge as we drove to West Nyack for our Computer Club Presentation
We presented two seminars in one evening: Picasa and Smartphones
Tuesday night we gave our seminars to the joint meeting of the Rockland PC Users' Group and the Westchester PC Users group.  Wednesday was a free day before our next speaking engagement in Poughkeepsie for Thursday.  On our way to West Nyack we had traveled thru a town named Sleepy Hollow.  Was that the town of the famous 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving?'

Yes, indeed it was!  So we did a little sightseeing.

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is big, beautiful, and opened to the public.

Washington Irving's headstone ... the author of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Entrance to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sculpture commemorating the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Next stop Poughkeepsie - then on to Essex Junction Vermont for the FMCA NE Area rally.

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Al and Karen said...

Wow, your post brought back memories...BAD ones :-). When we lived on Long Island, we had to go through the city to get ANYWHERE to go camping. Hated it with a passion. But we only had a pop-up then. Now, to go back and visit family and friends, we have the 36' fiver in'm shuddering to think of it! But Croton Point is very nice.

Rod Ivers said...

We left the RV at Newburg and drove the truck into NYC, and even that wasn't much fun.... Can't imagine driving the newer motorhome into that mess now..... And those tolls? What do they do with all that money? But upstate will be fun!!