Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Week at Hilton Head

A very nice week at Hilton Head.  I could get used to this!  We came at the invitation of the Sun City Hilton Head Computer Club, and specifically Catherine Tracy.  Catherine has been a follower, and a member, of Geeks on Tour for several years.  We gave our Smartphone presentation both at the Sun City club, and at the Hilton Head Island Computer Club.  We didn't charge anything, but both clubs paid us a little anyway :-) in addition to feeding us several meals!  And we also sold a few of our DVDs/membership combos at the presentation.  It really is true - do what you love and the money comes!  Several people also signed up for memberships online this week - we assume that at least some of them were as a result of the seminars we presented.

Delightful people, beautiful weather, and a relaxed time.  A very nice week indeed.

We started the week by attending a class!  This is the Sun City Computer Lab
and they let us use Macintosh computers while Catherine taught a Picasa class.
We stayed at the Sun City resident's RV storage lot where they have a few sites with hookups.
Good 4G and we had the place to ourselves.
We even took advantage of the Sun City Fitness Center.
The swimming was great, but we enjoyed the hot tub even more!
Jim demonstrating smartphone use to the Sun City Hilton Head Computer Club
Jack Wilfore introducing us to the Hilton Head Island Computer Club

Showing one of our smartphone tutorial videos at the Hilton Head Island Computer Club
Getting a tour around the island before the meeting.

We even had a couple days unscheduled where I was able to get started on a new tutorial video series on Organizing your Pictures with Picasa.  This has been on my list for quite a while.  The hardest part is the foundation, setting up a computer with the right folders of pictures to teach the techniques I want to show.  That takes a lot of thought and quiet time - something we get little of in this lifestyle.  I also uploaded a new smartphone video that's been on my list for a while - it's about how I mark whatever RV park we are currently in using Google Maps, so that I can easily navigate back there from wherever I am.  When we started this lifestyle, my greatest fear was driving to a grocery store and not having a clue how to get back 'home.' Not a problem anymore.

Today we plan to take advantage of the RV washing station here, then hit the road and head towards home .. Fort Lauderdale.  We will be stopping for a couple nights at Anastasia Island Florida State park.

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Janice L Evans said...

It's a great membership. . .love the tip for marking your camping spot on the smart phone. . .will definitely be using that one. . .


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Ah, hot tubs, one of mankinds greatest inventions. :c)