Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last Night on the Road

Althoug we will be RVing all over Florida this winter, our 'Summer Tour' has come to an end.  We are in Florida now and we made reservations for 2 nights at Anastasia Island State Park.  We try to never make reservations because we're just too wishy-washy on our plans.  We reserved here because the plan was for my Mom to join us, and they only had one site left that would accomodate us for this date.

As it turns out, Mom was not able to join us.  She's fine, but her Alzheimer's has her more confused than ever.  Even though I know she would love this place, the 6 hour drive for a friend to bring her would be too stressful.

We've never been to this state park, so I'm glad the reservation forced us to come - but we will probably cut is short by a day.  There's some kind of magnetic field around the place you call 'home.'  When you're within a day's drive, it's just too hard to resist - we want to get there, and I'll see Mom then.  But, I sure enjoyed this beautiful place today!  What gorgeous weather.  I can't pick just a few pictures, so here's a slideshow.

For when Flash slideshows go away, here's an animation from Google Photos instead:

Here's a link to the photo album Anastasia State Park.
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