Thursday, October 04, 2012


It’s so quiet here!


We’re staying at Thousand Trails Cherokee Landing – about 40 miles east of Memphis, TN.  It’s the end of their season and we are the only RV in this whole section of the park. 

You don’t realize how much noise there is in your daily life until you’re in a place without it.  I’ve been drawn to go outside, just to sit in the quiet.  When we go for a walk we walk slower, we don’t’ talk much.  I’m trying to quiet down my mind to match my surroundings. 

The beginning of Fall colors in TennesseeOur site at Cherokee LandingIMG_2851IMG_2852IMG_2855IMG_2856IMG_2862


The drawback of course, is that there is no good Internet here.  The first couple days – we had to have Internet because our monthly Geeks on Tour newsletter needed to be published.  Verizon signal came and went at our site, we used that when we could catch it, we took computers to a cafĂ© in town (7miles) where we could use our Droids as hotspots, and I schlepped my computer to the clubhouse and used the oh-so-slow satellite based Internet available thru Thousand Trails.  One way or another, I got the newsletter done, and spent the next day just sitting out in the quiet reading a book.

Reading a book is my most treasured treat.  If possible, that is always the reward I give myself when accomplishing something.  With the Kindle reader on my Droid phone, I don’t have to settle for just any book I have laying around, I can order whatever book my heart desires and have it available for reading in seconds.  This time I ordered Wild by Cheryl Strayed, because it was recommended by a friend in Fort Lauderdale.  How perfect!  The book is about a young woman who hikes the Pacific Crest Trail in an attempt to get her head screwed on straight.  As she writes about the solitude and beauty around her, I can even imagine I’m there as I sit in the middle of this forest in the perfect peace and quiet.  In my younger days, in California, I even hiked small portions of this same trail.  The book is bringing back memories.

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