Friday, October 12, 2012

Driveway Camping

Bill Moore was the manager at Paradise Island RV park for nearly 7 years.  That has been our home park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ever since we sold our house (5 blocks away) in 2003.  Jim worked in the office at Paradise Island for the last 3 winter seasons – he got to know Bill real well, he even introduced him to kayak diving and they went lobster hunting together a few times.


This summer Bill left Florida and moved his family to be near extended family just east of Atlanta, Georgia.  Guess what?  He has a big driveway now!  So, on our way from Alabama to South Carolina, we stopped for a visit.

Driveway camping at Bill's in Georgia

We also got to go see Marie compete in a swim meet as a University of Georgia Bulldog in Athens, GA.  What a facility!


Maries Swim Meet

That was a real treat!  It made me want to go swimming!  It made me want to get any exercise Smile I think it’s so cool to see parents supporting healthy pursuits for their kid.  And Marie is good!

They seem to be embracing their new identity as Georgia Bulldogs!

A Georgia Bulldog Family

Thanks for the driveway campsite and the visit Bill!

GO Bulldogs!

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Lynne said...

Are reservations required?
H they can run but they can't hide from you guys!