Saturday, October 06, 2012

Rocket City

Huntsville, Alabama is where Werner von Braun and his team made rockets to take people and payloads into space.  Pretty cool stuff.

It's been on our list for a while to visit here.  Jim did a little research and found there is an RV park right next door.   Ya gotta love the address on 'Tranquility Base.'

There was lots to see and do.  We started with a presentation about the International Space Station.  We learned how orbit is all about trajectory and speed.  The presentation was intended for groups of kids - which meant that I could understand it!

Jim wanted to fly the SR71 Blackbird - A12.  This thing can go FAST.  The sign said that it flew from Los Angeles to D.C. in one hour!

It was a beautiful sunny day - but we were able to park completely in the shade provided by the Saturn V rocket.

But it wasn't the only rocket on display

We ended the day with an IMAX movie on Space Junk.  There's enough garbage floating in space that we need a new profession called Space Trash Collector!  It really is a problem.  Because of the speed that this debris is traveling, even a one inch paint chip can cause substantial damage when it hits.

The 'stacked' space shuttle was still the most impressive thing there.  You have to look hard in this picture to see Jim in a navy blue shirt directly beneath the tail of the shuttle.

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