Thursday, March 20, 2014

FMCA Rally, Perry Georgia

It started out rainy and cold ... I mean really cold.  I think I saw the temperature show below 40 one morning! Watch an Aerial Video of the fairgrounds where about 3,000 RVs were parked for this rally.

The first morning we had to be up and at our table at 7am!  That's when registration started for all rally sessions that required pre-registration and a fee.  We had 2 sessions: Hands on iPhone/iPad class, and Hands-on Android phone/tablet class.

Then, we had to gather our wits and be prepared to present 3 seminars back to back for the rest of the day.  Here's the schedule of our offerings at the rally.

The next morning we woke up to even colder and rainier weather, if that's possible.  Our first seminar was after lunch, so all three of us: Jim, Devon and me, hung out at our table for the morning.  We had lots of people who had attended our sessions the day before, come by to sign up for membership, or ask us questions.  Then we went off to teach Movie Maker.  That went really well.  I think the people that attended that one will go back to their computers and create true works of art!
Then we had the first of the hands-on sessions.  iPhone and iPad Tips for Travelers.  We had about 16 people in that one and we paired them up and made them buddy up and do things like take pictures of each other and email them.  Then take a video and watch it.  We taught them how to turn their phones into hotspots and share the Internet connection with their computers and tablets.  And, last but not least, we taught them how to use Google Maps (or Apple maps) - the most indespensible smartphone app for Travelers.

We were SOO busy we barely got to catch our breath, let alone visit with all sorts of friends that are here to attend the rally.  We did have dinner with our good friends Phil and Tracey of TechnoRV the night before everything started.  And, we got in a little get-together made possible by the new social network for RVers called 
Other than that, it was all work, work, work.  We were so glad to have Devon here with us - while we were presenting seminars, he could be at the table for people who wanted to sign up for membership.  All totaled, we welcomed 78 new or renewing members to Geeks on Tour!  I did snap a few pictures, and here they are in a collage - prepared in Picasa, of course!

Now to rest for a few days ... then we'll head back south where it's warm!  We'll be spending most of April in Florida.

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gypsyelves said...

I read your blog all the time and hope that someday to be in the same place as you two so my husband and I can take a few classes with you.
We just got an Iphone 5c, and I was wondering if I could ask a question. We are on Verizon and yesterday took what was suppposed to be a class on using it (turned out to be a sales pitch for accessories). I asked about using the Iphone as a Hotspot and was told not to, the signals go from Iphone back to cell tower, then back to my laptop and will use double the data to make it all work. Your article today says you taught your students how to do that, use the smartphone as a Hotspot. Now I'm confused. I think Verizon told me wrong. I can use the Iphone as a Hotspot and not use all that data, can't I? Any help is appreciated. Judy E

cchidlow said...

Saw you guys getting off I-75 at Archer Road in Gainesville, FL this morning. I was on my way to Trader Joe's to get some 2 buck Chuck, cheese, etc. and happened to see your "Geeks On Tour" RV.
Love your blog. Making my escape this time next year. Perhaps we'll see you on the road somewhere.
Carol and Al Chidlow
Ft. White, Florida

Chris Guld said...

Hey Judy E,
I've never heard that about double data use thru the phone. Sounds wrong to me. People use their phones as hotspots all the time. On your iPhone, go to Setting->Personal Hotspot (or it might be under Cellular Data) Just turn it on. Depending on your Verizon contract, it may cost you an extra $20/mo. You may need to talk to a rep to turn on the feature.
We hope to meet you on the road someday too ... join RVillage and it's easy to keep track of where we are!

Chris Guld said...

Carol and Al,
We were at Trader Joe's stocking up on 2 buck Chuck's too! Well, make that 3 buck Chuck's now. Love Trader Joe's!

gypsyelves said...

Thank you, we'll check it out with Verizon. And there are so many of your classes we want that if we ever come across them we will probably sign up for all we can!