Monday, March 31, 2014

RVillage and Geeks on Tour

RVillage is the new social network specifically for RVers.  We hope to use it both for fun and for business as we travel.  The best way to teach is face to face and one on one, but we don’t get much opportunity to do that in our lifestyle.  With RVillage, we plan to let people know where we’re going to be ahead of time and if they’re going to be nearby we can arrange small classes or one-on-one tutoring.

So, we’re practicing with RVillage.  When we pulled into Thousand Trails Orlando, we used RVillage to ‘check in.’  We saw that there were 9 other RVillagers also checked in here and we scheduled a get-together and invited them all.  Three people took us up on it and we had a great time getting to know each other and discussing tech stuff like Internet connections with smartphones and FoxFi as well as using Google+ for uploading and sharing your pictures.  Here’s Kris and Bill – who we already knew from Seeing the USA, and Nancy who we had not met before.

If you’re an RVer, we encourage you to join RVillage (it’s free) and then join the group Geeks On Tour.  You’ll be able to look at a map at any time to see where we are – and all the other members of the group.  Whenever you check into an RV park, it is such an easy matter to see who else is there, then you can look at their profiles and see if you share any interests and may want to get together.  You can send individual messages to people you’d like to get together with, or schedule a group get together and see who all shows up!  This makes the RVing lifestyle even more fun … if that’s possible!

Here’s a map of the current location of all RVillagers who have joined the Geeks on Tour group.  Notice that there is a place for a forum and get togethers.  Also notice how clicking on one placemark opens up the details of that placemark and shows you who it is.


You can bet that, as we travel, we will pay attention to this map and find out who is nearby, consider staying in the same park as them, and scheduling get-togethers.

Geeks on Tour Members warm our hearts!

Meanwhile, back at Thousand Trails, we saw a message in our RVillage account from Bill and Kris inviting us for dinner.  How cool is that?  Bill Osborne has been a premium member of our Geeks on Tour learning website for several years.  He is our poster boy for what you can do when you learn from Geeks on Tour.  Notice the quote by Bill that we used in our print ad in the Gypsy Journal.  


We gladly accepted their dinner invitation, had a wonderful meal, and got our puppy fix playing with their dog Winston.  But, best of all he filled our hearts by telling us of all the ways he is enjoying the RVing lifestyle because of things he learned from Geeks on Tour!  We taught him how to Blog, and he now spends a lot of time recording their travels and getting creative with his writing, photos, and videos.  This hobby has become a large part of his RVing experience.  But, don’t take my word for it – read his own words in his blog!  Seeing The USA: Geeks on Tour. 

I didn’t take any pictures that evening, so I’ll borrow one from his blog post:

Kris is pretty good on the computer too, she tells us she learned how to use Streets and Trips by following our videos.  But she prefers knitting and crocheting as her hobbies on the road.  I was admiring her knitted wine glass covers so she gave me a set!  Cool! I love ‘em.


Bill and Kris will be joining a couple other RVers and making a trip to Alaska.  You can be sure we will follow their journey on their blog:  And, we can easily see exactly where they are by viewing their map on RVillage.

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