Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Time

Our last ‘gig’ was on February 21 at Florida Grande RV resort in the middle of the state.  Then we came back to Fort Lauderdale because Jimmy Lyon, Jim’s old-time dive buddy was coming for a visit and they needed to go diving!    They chose to go out on traditional boat dives, so I sat it out to stay home and get some more videos done.  As long as they came home with lobster, I would be happy!


And, here’s a video that Jim took with his GoPro camera and then edited with MovieMaker and uploaded to youtube.


Here’s a shorter one that just shows capturing the lobster.


First on my agenda was to visit my Mom.  There’s a wonderful little park called Royal Palm within a mile of her assisted living facility and I like picking her up and taking her there for a walk.


Then, another day, both Jim and I picked her up and took her to the beach up in Boca.  Sometimes I think my Mom and I are twins instead of mother/daughter.  Look at the pictures below and I’ll bet you agree?!  I sure hope that doesn’t mean I have the same future of Alzheimer’s in store for me.  But, just in case … I’m cramming in all the living I can do now … and trying to make enough money to save for assisted living too!


February and March in Fort Lauderdale is an impossible time to find an RV site.  People book sites a year in advance for those dates and, of course, we had no reservations at all.  Our home park of Paradise Island can usually find an overflow site for us, but even that wasn’t available, so we had to spend a few nights in a local parking lot.  Then we were able to get a couple nights at our favorite park of Easterlin County park.  After that, we had to go back to the parking lot, then one night at Paradise, then 3 nights at Easterlin but at 2 different sites.  Then, finally we got a site at Paradise for the 8 days left before leaving for the FMCA convention in Perry, GA.  The parking lot would have been cheaper, but we had lots of work to do to get prepared for the FMCA rally, we like full hookups!

Easterlin County Park is truly lovely!  Except for the traffic noise, you would have no idea you are in the middle of Fort Lauderdale.


Here’s our site now at Paradise Island RV park.


I spent much of my time writing, re-writing, and researching the booklets for our hands-on classes next week at the FMCA RV Rally.  As well as revising handouts for the Escapade in May because they need to be sent in well in advance to give them time for printing.  One tough thing about our business, you simply cannot rest – as soon as you print some instructions, they’re out of date.  Rarely do we use a set of handouts more than once. 

But, there was one day this week that was just SOO gorgeous that I had to say YES! to Jim’s suggestion that we go kayak diving!  After all, this is just about my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world and this is the only place we can do it.  So, when we checked the Fort Lauderdale beach webcam and the ocean looked like a lake on a sunny, peaceful day – we took off.  Didn’t catch any lobster, and the water was a bit chilly for me (73 degrees) but I’m really glad we went.  It just doesn’t get any better than this:

If you’re going to the FMCA convention in Perry, GA next week be sure to stop at our table in the Info center and say Hi! 

Here's the complete program for the FMCA RV Rally next week. Once you open it, you can use the search tool to find everywhere that Geeks on Tour are scheduled! We'll be giving 6 regular seminars and 2 hands-on workshops for smartphones and tablets. The seminars are included with admission - all you need to do is show up. The workshops require pre-registration and a $40 fee. We'll start registering people at 7am on Monday from our table in the Info Center.

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You and your Mom really look alike. Enjoy your time with her. See you in Goshen.