Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Rally for a While

I hate backtracking, especially when that means traveling the highways on the south side of Chicago.  The teeth-jarring toll-charging Interstates. You see, our original plan looked like the map below where #1 is the INTO Rally in Lebanon, TN, #2 is the Escapade in Goshen, IN, #3 is a week with the Quad Cities Computer Club, and #4 is the Fleetwood Rally in Duquoin, IL, and then we would be headed west.


Something happened to #4 and they combined with the Glamarama rally in Goshen … same as #2.  So, we had to drive from #2 to #3, then back to #2.  On some of the worst roads in the country.  Now we’re planning to head back west, and it would be logical to go thru #3 again, but I do not want to travel that road again!

Other than that, the rally was ok.  You would think that having a double-rally would give us bigger audiences but that didn’t happen.  The Glamarama rally already had a Tech-guy covering some of the topics we normally do (Smartphones, Websites, Windows 8, and GPS/Mapping software), so they didn’t schedule us for anything more than we had already agreed to do for the smaller Fleetwood rally. The good news is that we had a booth and we had lots of time to chat with people – reconnecting with old friends and making some new.

Here’s old and new in one photo!  From left to right: Jason Wynn, Cherie Ve Ard, Chris Dunphy, Nikki Wynn, Gary Bunzer, Me, and Jim in the inset.  To learn more about these folks, see GoneWithTheWynns.com for Jason and Nikki, Technomadia.com for Chris and Cherie, and RVDoctor.com for Gary Bunzer. 

We also had the pleasure of presenting a seminar for Harvest Hosts.  We arranged this several months ago when we heard they wanted someone to do the seminar for them because they needed to be in Arizona at this time. We think Harvest Host is something that every RVer should join and use. With a $40/yr membership, you get to stay at wineries and farms all over the country – no charge, except what you pay for wine! We’ve stayed at two so far, and they were both delightful. Presenting the seminar rekindled our own interest and we’ve pinpointed a winery about 4 hours from here to be our first stop after we leave.  We’ll be headed south in order to avoid that route by Chicago!

Right now, we’re staying in an RV service center to get our slide fixed … again! This time we’re at Master Tech in Elkhart, IN. We’ve heard really good things about them by several RVing friends recently.  And, they’re proving to be good for us as well.  The problematic slide was fixed in the first few hours we were there, it just needed some adjustment between the front motor and the rear motor so it came in and out evenly.  We blame the roads for knocking the slide off its gears.

But then we said “Just take a look at the other slide as long as we’re here.” I thought maybe it just needed some lubricating because it made such a grinding noise when it went in and out.  They noticed that the refrigerator was a little lopsided and it is in that slide – to fix that, they need to take the refrigerator completely out, remake the wooden frame for it, then put it back in.  They worked on that all day and still aren’t done.

Meanwhile, they also noted that the slide-toppers – the awnings that just cover the tops of the slides – were in pretty bad shape.  They could order new toppers and they would be here in a day, then take a day to install.  <<sigh>>  Yeah, we know they need to be replaced, and yeah, we might as well get that done when we’re at a good place.  So, what started out as a few hours and a few hundred dollars has turned into several days and a few thousand dollars.  Ah well, it feels good to get these things done.

In my last post, I mentioned how I wanted to write a bit more about our work and I was starting a separate blog for that.  Here’s what you’ll find there now:

Lots more pictures in our Monthly Photo Albums


Jan Mains said...

I know what you mean about the roads. All I hear from locals is the problem is the bad weather. Other states have bad weather and they aren't as bad.

Steve and Karen said...

I was curious to see what you thought of your route back to Elkhart after leaving the COE park. Apparently, that road wasn't a great choice. Sorry guys.
See you next in the wide open spaces out west.

Randy Warner said...

Love that picture of all you hard-working famous RV folks. I have a distinct dislike for bad roads too so don't blame you for avoiding those. I am a big fan of what you two do to help people get smarter on their stuff. And love it that your business is growing after all the hard work and effort you put into it.
Be safe!