Saturday, June 07, 2014

Adding Work to Personal Blog, or Getting Personal with Work Blog?

I once determined that this blog was to be both personal and work-related:
…I finally decided that it's both. That is a great thing about our lives, we blend personal and business. We love what we do and we do what we love, and we write about all of it!
But that was before we had our Geeks on Tour website with so many articles about our technology teachings.  Now, it’s pretty clear that if you want to learn about technology from us, you go to our business website.  If you want to follow our RV travels, you come here to our personal blog.  That works great until I feel like writing in detail about the seminars we do.  I decided to do just that after the Escapade rally, and it turned into an epic-length post that I’m not at all sure belongs in our personal travel blog.  I’ve considered posting the exact same post as an article for (easily done using LiveWriter!) but that didn’t really fit either because those articles are primarily teaching articles about specific technology topics.  This was more about the personal details of our work life.  I’ve been stuck – do I want to write more about our work here in the personal blog, or do I want to get more personal in our work blog? 
It occurred to me that, when I visit a business website, I often look for something called “Blog.” What I’m looking for is some detail about the people and activities behind the website in order to get to know the real flavor of what that website is all about.  We don’t have something just called “Blog” on our business website.  So I decided to try that and see how it goes.  At now, you will find a menu item for Blog and that’s where you’ll find the stories about classes we taught this week in the Quad Cities.   So, now I’m keeping four blogs:
  1. – this personal, travel blog
  2. – my regular articles on how to use Picasa, from the free newsletter Picasa Tip of the Week
  3. Technology articles for Travelers, from the free newsletter Geek News
  4. The new one, where I’ll write about our teaching
What do you think?  Too much?  Not enough?  I could do more! Smile
This past week we taught four different classes to various audiences.  It was different because it did not involve RVers at all. Here’s the Quad City Computer Club monthly meeting where we presented our seminar on Cloud Computing.  Here’s the article I wrote on the new Blog: Our Cloud Computing Class Evolves.

That was Monday night.  Then, on Tuesday, we taught a seminar we called “Making a Free Website using Blogger and Picasa” and we taught that one at the CASI Senior Center in Davenport, Iowa.  We sure would like to do this seminar more and more.  We love our blog and think everybody should have one! Here’s the article I wrote in the new Blog about that class: Web Albums, Blogs, or Both?

On Wednesday evening, we taught a hands-on smartphone photography class.  I haven’t written a separate article on that yet, but I want to because it’s a great class and, I have some ideas on how to make it even better.
Last, but not least, we taught a hands-on photo editing with Picasa class – also at the senior center.  This was just for 6 people and we don’t have any pictures to show you.  We had a miscommunication for this class and only 2 people brought their laptop computers!  Kinda hard to teach a hands-on computer class with no computers!  But we did it anyway, just doing more demonstration than we normally do!  Everyone said they learned a lot, and they all became members after class, so they would have access to all the tutorial videos on Picasa!
It was a very successful work week.  We taught a lot, we learned a lot, we got our picture in the paper, and we made some money!  We welcomed 17 new members to Geeks on Tour.
A Big Thank You to Vicki Wassenhove for inviting us and making all the arrangements.  Also for the great photos!

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