Saturday, June 28, 2014

On to Colorado

After the winery we had no other destinations planned until Colorado. From where we were in Illinois to Denver Colorado is about 1000 miles. That would be at least three days for us, and comfortably four. We spent the first night at Mark Twain caves, where we've been before, right on the Mississippi River at Hannibal Missouri. They had a lot of rain and the little stream that passes through the campground was swollen and muddy.

There was really no reason to stay so after we did a little bit of computer work we were back on the road headed west towards Kansas City. We made it as far as Topeka Kansas and, using our Allstays Camp and RV app on our smartphones we found a great little County Park called Lake Shawnee. We were beginning to get a little road weary after 3 one-night stands in a row, so we decided to stay at Lake Shawnee 2nights.

The best part about this park was bicycle trails that went for miles.

We were even able to bicycle to a local bar and Grill for dinner had a great time

When Our two nights were up we packed up again and heading west on 70 across Kansas straight and flat and boring.

We spent one more night in Kansas and then back on the road and now are in Colorado. I like taking pictures of state signs when we cross the borders and I knew I already had one of Colorado, but I remembered it being very dull and saying that something about being colorful. I was hoping there would be a different sign on this side of Colorado but, nope, same dull sign announcing a colorful state!

We had hoped to stay in our favorite Golden Colorado called Clear Creek so we called but were told that they had no space available. We weren't surprised. We had already consulted our AllStays app and found that there is a Elks Lodge just outside of Denver so that's where we headed and that's where we are. Actually quite nice and certainly less expensive than the Clear Creek. There's bar and restaurant right here, and it's an active RV park with about 30 sites. We might still try to get into Clear Creek for a few days after the July 4 holiday, but you can't beat $12/night vs $40! And, dinners for $5! We like Elks!

Wow ... that was pretty cool! I created this blog post completely on my iPad using a free app called Blogsy. I'm still more comfortable using the computer wit Live Writer, and a full size keyboard, but Blogsy is a lot more capable than the Blogger app on the iPad. Creating the link was pretty easy. Getting my pictures from my Google+ web albums was a built in feature. And, I dictated some of the text rather than typing on my little keyboard. This all came about because of a Geeks on Tour member who asked a question in our Forum. In researching the answer, I found Blogsy. It's pretty nice - I'd even dare to call it the "Live Writer of the iPad."


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