Monday, June 02, 2014

Bicycling and Geocaching in Quad Cities

The Quad Cities Computer Society discovered Geeks on Tour several years ago when they were looking for a speaker on Picasa.  The digital photography group’s Vicki Wassenhove, called us and made imageall the arrangements then, and she’s invited us back several times.  This is our 3d visit now!  Here’s our previous blog posts on the first visit, and the second visit.  We found a delightful Corps of Engineers park last time called Fisherman’s Corner, and we’re staying here again this time.  In case you don’t know, “Quad Cities” is what they call the metropolitan area around Moline, Illinois where the Mississippi river separates Illinois from Iowa. 


Our RV site is right on the Mississippi river and we have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets!



We got here a few days before our first ‘gig’ with the Computer Club, so we took advantage of the great bicycle trails and went for a couple of rides.  Headed north out of the park, about 4 miles out, we came to a  town called Port Byron.  I think they’re into bicycling here!


We also noticed a restaurant right on the river called Mean Mel’s steakhouse and decided to go there for dinner.  I’ve never been to a ‘grill your own’ steakhouse before.  Jim always grills my steak perfect – he liked this arrangement.


And I really liked the view!

Jim checked in on to see if there were any geocaches near enough to bicycle there.  He found a few just south of the park, so that was our fun for the next day.

We went geocaching for the first time in 2004.  Anyone else who started back then would have thousands of ‘finds’ by now, but we only have 24 according to the tally on our account ‘odie’s roadies.’  It’s been a few years since we’ve been geocaching and the Computer Club invited us to a Geocaching event on Saturday evening, so we needed to get back in practice.  The geocaching app on our phones seemed to work pretty well and we found both of the caches on our list!

So, we were prepared for Saturday night.  Most people used handheld Garmin GPS units with the cache locations previously entered.  We did show a couple people how the app on our phones worked.


*Thanks to Vicki for the great pictures!*

That was it for our free, fun time.  Most of Saturday, and all day Sunday I worked on our Geeks on Tour newsletter. Then our “Geek Week” (2014, May 31) started with a seminar at the computer club on Monday night, another one at a local Senior Center on Tuesday, a hands-on smartphone class on Wednesday and Picasa hands-on class on Thursday.  That will be another post!

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