Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harvest Hosts: Grissom Air Museum

So, the plan was to leave Saturday and drive our normal 200 miles to a winery on the Harvest Host list just east of Champaign Illinois.  But, when the service guys came up to us on Friday in the early afternoon and said, you’re all done! We decided to leave then and go to a closer Harvest Host destination … the Grissom Air Museum.  And, we’re so glad we did. We got there in the early evening, parked in the lot, turned on the generator and worked on our computers for a little bit. There was no Verizon signal there, so we took advantage of the AT&T connection on our iPad and turned that into a hotspot for our computers. We’re happy to report that this worked well!  Often, when there’s no Verizon signal, there isn’t any AT&T either, but luckily, that wasn’t the case here.

By sunset time, we were ready to go outside and walk around.  Such cool photo opportunities!

Sunset over Grissom Air Museum

Home at Grissom Air Museum

The next morning, we were ready to take a look around after they opened the doors at 9am. Luckily, it was Saturday, so they were fully staffed and offering tours. Lots of exhibits inside where you could climb on the old planes.

Jim at Grissom Air Museum

Then we took the tour around the grounds. I really liked the way it was laid out with planes everywhere, and a nice winding sidewalk that took you around to all of them. (Click on pictures to enlarge, then click Back)

Grissom Air Museum20140621_104656

Grissom Air Museum20140621_110044

Then we climbed the tower to get a birds-eye view and used the Panorama feature on our Samsung phones to take it all in. If you look closely, in the upper left, you’ll see our RV parked in the lot.

Panorama view of Grissom Air Museum from up on the observation tower

Later, inside the museum, we met Roland Douglas. He’s a native of Peru, Indiana where the museum is located and he is a veteran of WWII. Here he is standing in front of the display that tells his story. He was a gunner in a B17 that was destroyed over Germany in 1944. He parachuted and was captured as a prisoner of war. He told us all about it.

Roland Douglas, veteran of WWII, stands in front of the display about his experience as a gunner and a POW.


Lots more pictures in our June Web Photo Album.


Nan Talley said...

It makes absolutely no sense, but we lived just south of Indianapolis and never visited Peru other than to take our girls to volleyball and basketball tournaments there. Now, we need to return to see what we have missed.

If you are coming further south on your way to Illinois, it would be grewat to meet.

The BooneDocks said...

That AFB was in my school district growing up. Spent a lot of time there. Gary

Jan Mains said...

We're going back to Indiana in October and I've added that to my bucket list.