Monday, March 16, 2015

Escapade Rally in Tucson

Another big gathering of RVers - this one is for the Escapees RV club. A great group and a lot of our friends here.
We were busy. We had two day-long classes before the rally even started. Hands-on Android and Hands-on iPhone/iPad. Hands-on is absolutely the best way to learn, but teaching a group is always a challenge. We had helpers ... that really helped!
Thanks to Barb Westerfield, Judy Reinheimer, and David Cross who helped in our Android class. And Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard who helped in our Apple class.

We also try to participate in some of the social and fun activities. One of the first evenings we went to the happy hour hosted by Technomadia to announce, welcome, cheer on, the birth of the Xscapers division of Escapees. This is for the younger, non-retired, still working, group of RVers that is definitely on the rise these days.

And, once it got dark enough, Cherie treated us all to a 'fire dance.' Wow. Here's a little video that Jim took.

Then came seminars, we gave two each day for 4 days, and we had really big crowds. The Escapees always prints our handouts for us. They made 75 for each session. Our smallest seminar was 150 (Blogger) and the largest was 424 (Google Maps)!  All our handouts are available to download from our website. Look at the More... menu and you'll see Seminar Handouts listed.

Two Rallies down and one more to go ... FMCA in Pomona coming up!

Here's an aerial video Jim took of the rally grounds.

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