Monday, March 02, 2015

Good Sam Rally at Phoenix International Raceway

We knew we would be busy, but this rally exceeded all expectations. We gave 4 different seminars and each was scheduled twice. People like that because there are so many activities vying for your attention at a rally, they can't always get to the sessions they want - this gave them two opportunities. Our past experience has been that we have much smaller audiences the second time a topic is scheduled, but that didn't happen here. We had standing room only for every seminar except the Facebook ones.

We taught our Picasa seminar twice and every time we we end by making a collage and uploading it to our web albums. That gives me something to post here! We saw lots of new faces, but sure loved seeing the familiar ones as well. Bill and Kris Osborne, and Steve and Karen Fischer were welcomed smiling faces in the front row!

By the end of the rally, we gained 144 new members for Geeks on Tour! We were happy and EXHAUSTED.
And, somehow during that week, I found time to put together our monthly newsletter too.

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