Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Malibu Beach

After the FMCA rally in Pomona, we wanted to take Lynne to some nice campground before she had to fly back to Oregon. We picked Malibu Beach RV park. The short drive turned out to be pretty long thru all that traffic and I was wondering if this had been a bad idea after all. 
Then we got there!

What a view! Looking out our back window over the Pacific Ocean.

A very nice last night together.

We could just walk down the hill to a fresh seafood restaurant. And, just across the street to take a walk on the beach.

Jim even took this quadcopter video (https://youtu.be/f9vFo6-V5-w) at sunset one evening. Pretty, pretty spot. Not cheap though. I don’t think we’ve ever paid $60 before for a campsite! But, it was worth it. This was our reward for all the work of the last few months.

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