Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Custom RV Furniture

Thanks to Nick and Terry Russell of Gypsy Journal, we knew about Focal Wood Products and their beautiful custom RV furniture.  We didn't think we'd get around to it till next year, but when we decided we couldn't justify traveling to the west coast this summer - Indiana seemed a logical alternative.
We stopped off at Focal Wood - the business of Carlyle Lehman - before coming to Goshen.  Carlyle measured our spaces, and we looked at his samples.  We decided on the type of furniture and the placement in about an hour and he said we could pick it up at the end of the month.  On the designated day - I felt like it was Christmas morning!

We drove the half hour to Nappanee and Carlyle got to work installing the furniture.
We're parked at Focal Wood Products to get our new furniture installed
I was so impressed with how well the wood matched the existing wood in the motorhome!  This is the beginning of the dining room and my (Chris) office.  Notice the wood on the wall at the left of the picture - can you tell the difference from the cabinets?

Here's the finished dining room/office.  We put the printer in place to be sure it fit.  Then Carlyle started on Jim's office in the living room.

Up till now Jim had to put his computer on a TV tray, and we got lots of comments about 'poor Jim.' I made sure I had a computer desk in my area.  We took my desk to a local Good Will.  It's no more Poor Jim!  Here's Carlyle installing Jim's desk.

Yes, Carlyle is Amish and many people believe you can't take pictures of the Amish.  Not true.  What they can't do is *pose* for pictures because that is considered a sign of pride.  It's pride that is against their religion, not pictures.  Rarely do any Amish people take pictures .. no family albums, no pictures on the wall.

Jim's desk and storage shelves
When we were done and headed back to the fairgrounds, we knew there was a carwash with a RV/Truck bay - we figured the outside needed to be beautiful too since the inside was so nice.  I know ... we probably should get out the Dry Wash, or Gel Gloss or something ... but that's just not going to happen.  We felt lucky to be able to get the dust and dirt off in such a convenient way!

So, here's the finished interior.  Whaddaya think?

Chris' office.  My commute from breakfast to work is simply swiveling my chair!

The cabinets left of the dining table are slide out pantry drawers.  And the cupboards in the middle are storage too.
No more complaining about working on a TV tray!  
Notice the slideout printer tray lower right.  And the TV on the wall is connected to another computer operated with the wireless keyboard on Jim's desk.
Now *that's* a file drawer!  And there's still room for shoes by the door.
This window sill would never have occurred to us if we hadn't seen it in FocalWood's brochure.
What a great finishing touch!

No Odie ... you can't have the wine.
We're getting much more sociable now that we have the facilities.
Here's our friend, Al Hesselbart  over for dinner.  Notice that the table is extended with a leaf.
This next improvement is unrelated to the custom furniture, but another enhancement.  Jim went to RV Surplus and picked up some countertop pieces and the hardware to make an extension.  It really helps to have a little more counter space.  And notice the dog bowl holder on the floor - we picked that up at the Shipshewana flea market.

Ok, that's it!

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Ron and Thelma said...

That really makes for a nice traveling office/home. Bueatiful work by focal

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Wow Chris & Jim: I thought your new RV was a pretty sweet-looking setup before, but the new furniture makes it spectacular! Absolutely beautiful work. Congratulations!

Beverly said...

Your rv looks so huge on the inside! So nice. I would love to redo ours but dh hasn't come around to that idea yet! I'm still working on him.

TnT (Terry and Teri) Meyers said...

I had some cabinet doors made by "focal Wood" where the bedroom tv was. The match was exact except for the lack of wear.

Jeff Hardy said...

nice home furniture

Unknown said...

Radiator Cabinets

Its looks so large on the inside! So awesome. I would really like to update ours but dh hasn't come around to that concept yet! I'm still operating on him.

Gerry Bossier said...

Woohoo, congrats on the upgrade! I hope everything is still working on the computer desk and the cabinets now, even a year after they were first put in? I like that golden cherry finish on them. They’re very bright and really liven up the space.

Rosalinda Rudloff said...

Wow, those are some fine RV furniture! It looks so roomy inside. One thing you should consider when choosing furniture is that it has to be compact and can be used for several purposes. Also, they must be aesthetically appealing and considers the theme of your motor home's interiors.

-Rosalinda Rudloff

Unknown said...

Wow! You have a very large RV. That’s a Class A motorhome, right? It’s the largest among RVs. You’ve definitely made good use of space with the additional dining and office furniture. It looks more functional now! I love it!

>Kurt Bukowski

Chris Guld said...

No, it's not a class A. It's a very big (37 ft) Class C - often called a Super C. It is a Diesel Duramax.