Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FMCA rally in Gillette, Wyoming #fmcaWY18

FMCA RV rallies is where we started giving seminars while on the road, that was in 2005, and they've asked us back for every rally since. We see a lot of old friends, but are also amazed and all the new faces that are at these rallies.
Here's the lineup of seminars that we taught:

It is interesting, over the years, to see which seminars are the most popular. For the first few years, the only topic we taught was Internet on the Road - how to use Wi-Fi. Attendance was always >200 for those. The largest audience we ever had was for a Picasa seminar in 2010, we were told the count was 740 people - Picasa is not even available any more. Then came Facebook as our most popular topic - and we rarely even teach that now. For the last couple of years, Smartphones: What does that button do? has been the most popular topic. At this last rally, Google Photos seminar attendance surpassed any of the others. Here is our Google Photos audience interacting with us as we demonstrate that Google Photos also stores video.

Sometimes an evaluation catches our eye. Check out what this person wrote in the comments: "This may save our marriage" :-) I wonder what exactly they were referring to? Sounds like a great seminar title, "How Google Photos can Save your Marriage!"

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If you're interested in learning any of these topics, but you can't come to see us live, check out the 15 minute video of our recent Youtube show:

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