Sunday, July 29, 2018

Next stop: Yellowstone

Our good friend, and long-time Florida dive buddy, Debby Bradford, is now a fulltime RVer and she is work-camping in Yellowstone this summer. This is her second summer there and we are thrilled to be able to visit and see it thru her eyes. We scheduled our visit to coincide with her days off work - Wednesday and Thursday.
We had been to Yellowstone once before also in our first year on the road, but we only spent one day there. We saw Old Faithful and that's about it.
Debby at work in Yellowstone's Canyon Village Adventure Store
Yellowstone is pretty crowded this time of year, so we were extremely grateful to have a place to park with Debby in the employee campground. Of course, it really helps to have a little rig like ours that can fit in any parking spot!

Debby's RV in the employee campground, our camper van fit in her car spot.

What a great tour guide she was. We didn't even look at a map. We told her we wanted to see Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and that's all we knew.

We are not early risers! So,our first stop was for lunch at Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Beautiful place, beautiful view, yummy lunch, and time to catch up with our old friend. Does it get any better?

After lunch we visited several of the thermal pools around the lake - at "West Thumb" (see the map above.) The colors of the pools are even more dramatic for being right next to the lake.

I didn't even realize there was a big lake in Yellowstone park. It's not hot water! But, Debby knew about it and made sure we got booked for a boat ride on the lake. We will always try to add some water to our visit wherever we are!

She planned the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone for the end of the day - best for photos!

The next day, Debby took us in the other direction. She said there were more Bison to be seen along with spectacular views to the north. She was right.

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