Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Our 20 Year Wedding Anniversary: Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands

July 4, 1998 Jim and I made the best decision of our lives and started this adventure called marriage. We were in our mid 40s and knew what we liked: Computers, Scuba Diving, and Travel in general. Of those 3, scuba diving is the most special. To celebrate our 20 years, we had to go scuba diving! We picked a liveaboard trip in the Cayman islands on board the Cayman Aggressor

We took advantage of a flight/hotel combo and arrived in Grand Cayman 3 days before the boat's departure. That gave us a chance to see some of the sights on the island. Like the shops at Caymana Bay and the beautiful mosaic artwork on the walls.

Our hotel was the Comfort Suites, right on 7-mile beach. Our room did not have a view, but it was a short walk to the beach.

We also visited Cayman's newest tourist attaction, the Crystal Caves. From our hotel, we walked about a half-mile to catch a water taxi over to the north side of the island, then a shuttle took us to the caves. They were really quite impressive.

We were very happy to have good Wi-Fi in our hotel room because we had some work to do. Being the end of the month, we needed to get our July newsletter out. We even did a Facebook Live, Gabbing with the Geeks from our room.

Another day, we walked a couple miles in the other direction from our hotel to see the docks in Georgetown. We were able to watch the Aggressor as she came in to port with her previous week's divers. It's a pretty big boat, but when it passed in front of the cruise ships it looked awfully tiny. It holds 20 passengers. I took this timelapse video to show you.

We had a glorious week of great weather, great diving, really good food, interesting people. And, even a little bit of R&R.

Ain't love grand?!  20 years later and we couldn't be happier.

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