Saturday, January 08, 2022

Bad News

 As you've probably guessed from the title, we did not get the negative results from the Covid tests that we had hoped. Chris was negative, but Jim was still positive. We've been hearing that the PCR test can stay positive for a long time, but if anything, we thought Chris would be still positive and Jim would have turned negative, because I (Chris) only turned positive on Monday. 

Today is Jim's birthday - it was supposed to be such a cool birthday. Now, not cool at all. Our reservoir of good cheer is running low.

We still feel fine. Our OAT liaison, Marvin, gave us a pulse oximeter and asked us to report our blood oxygen levels twice/day all week. He asked us to take a picture with our finger in the device and send it to him via WhatsApp. Our numbers were always good - blood oxygen levels between 94 and 97 every day.


I'm really not sure why they had us do this - maybe for the possibility that our test would be negative, but they wanted to be sure we were actually healthy? Don't know - but it's a very interesting way to report don't ya think? The photo proves the numbers and sending it via WhatsApp gives a date and time stamp.

So what now? We really don't know.  Wait a few days, take another test, hope for negative, then catch a flight home? The trip leader, Walter, has been wonderful - staying in touch with us every day via WhatsApp and sending a few photos of what the group has been doing. He kept encouraging us and believing that we would test negative and be able to join the group today. He said he was looking especially looking forward to getting to know us because he is in process of building out an RV and he plans to drive it down to Tierra del Fuego! He wanted to hear all about our RV lifestyle. He is from Guatemala and I was especially looking forward to the tour at Lake Atitlan because I visited there with my parents in 1962.

10 year old Chris, sitting on the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala when my family traveled there in a truck camper.

My Mom buying ponchos? from local artisans at Lake Atitlan

We met a family (Hansteins) by the lake who invited us to come stay at their coffee plantation in the nearby hills. See our camper in the driveway?

Me by the pool at the Coffee Plantation - Finca La Paz

I was so looking forward to going to Lake Atitlan and remembering 1962.
S I G H ....


Jeanne said...

So sorry to learn about your test results and to know that your trip is delayed. Thinking of you. Hope you continue to feel well.

GWJ said...

My heart goes out to you both. You both have proven in your past experiences you will bounce back with a BANG and find some way to make lemonade out of this. I gather from your comments that you both have not felt too bad physically, which goes to show how important those shots were.


Lynne said...

Apparently more rum, because the positive vibes every one is sending your way are off the charts. You will make something good of this .

Jolyn said...

Chris and Jim. I was hoping that this was NOT the news we'd hear this morning. I have so enjoyed "viewing" you two from afar and reading the blog and seeing the photos you so generously shared so far.

The beauty of the trip so far, it seems, is the experience, even if you couldn't travel... improved Spanish, kind people, hope for the next time.

Stay safe, stay well, and we look forward to following along in whatever adventures come your way.



Ruth said...

I am so sorry Chris. What a bummer. You are a role model in that you have remained so positive for so long. Let’s hope for a negative test for Jim tomorrow!

Bob Weithofer said...

The good news is that neither of you require hospitalization. That is a real blessing. I know that it interrupted your trip but when you make it through this and you will have another story to tell around the campfire. Prayers and best wishes and don't forget that alcohol kills germs.

Debby Diver said...

Well damitol, my eyes are misting up after reading this. I sure hope you test negative soon enough to join the trip. Fingers crossed.

Edwards, Marianne said...

I was so hoping to read good news today. Feeling sad for you. If it makes you feel any better, please know that your experience is helpful to us and maybe others, too.

We've just marked dates and bucket-list destinations for our next big trips on a two-year calendar. This simple step (rather than just open-ended dreams to go "someday") felt so good. We know some dates may need to be changed/ postponed, but it's so good to see them on the calendar!

As we make plans, reservations, get excited, and as the departure dates arrive and we finally get away, we'll keep your current experience in mind. Bad things can always happen (pandemic-related or not). I think being mentally prepared for the disappointment might be even more important than having the insurance to mitigate expenses.

Right now, it's not about us, though. It's about you. We feel your pain and send along big virtual hugs! Your situation sucks but we know you and are confident it won't deflate you for long.

Julie Manhold said...

Dear Chris and Jim. Our thoughts are with you guys every day. We were hoping your results came back negative. Back home here, Chris Hardham and Alan Feuerman and his wife Dawn all tested positive and were, or still are, in isolation. These are tough times, especially since you are out of the country. Hope you test negative soon so you can salvage part of your trip. Thinking of you. Julie and Russ

Bobbi said...

Hugs and prayers. This is getting old.

Ann Meacham said...

These tests can drive you crazy! People feel sick and test negative. People feel fine and test positive. Around and around we go! I hope things work out for you soon!!

Gail said...

Like all of your friends and fans I am so sorry that your trip has been quashed by covid. We all are pulling for you because you are such special people and deserve the best. Hugs, Gail