Sunday, January 09, 2022

Just hangin' out - with a friend in Italy!

 After our positive test results on Friday, it was settled that we would be staying at least another 3 days at this hotel. We hope to get a negative test on Monday and find a flight home on Tuesday. 

So what to do for the weekend? I'll tell you about Saturday later, but for Sunday - that's when we normally do our "What Does This Button Do?" live YouTube show. Well, we weren't interested in preparing a lesson plan and doing our class ... but, might we want to just do a "Gabbing with the Geeks?" We could talk about our experience with travel in the time of Covid. For us, Covid has been an inconvenience, but it made me think about our friend, Cary Tennis. Cary lives in Italy and when he got Covid he spent 5 weeks in an Italian hospital and nearly died. He's OK now, and I wondered if he would join us on our YouTube channel and talk about it. I had already had my share of wine and was feeling invincible, so I shot off an email asking Cary if he would be available for showtime. I got a response on Sunday morning and we were ON!

Cary is an excellent writer - please check out his story: The psychedelic madness of Covid-19 - the introduction is by David Talbot, the founder of where Cary wrote a column for many years. Cary also did a podcast about his experience on his own website

Today, Cary joined us on YouTube and Facebook for a live discussion about Covid, Travel, Italy, and El Salvador. You can watch the replay here


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Gail said...

Just read Cary's essay about his terrifying Covid experience. He is a fabulous writer, and his description of his ordeal is so graphic that I almost felt I had actually observed him during that time. So glad your Covid experience is mild, but so sorry that it screwed up your trip. Hope you get home soon.