Thursday, January 06, 2022

In Search of Pupusas


As you heard in my previous post, we are isolating in our hotel room and limited to eating from the room service menu. Everything has been good, but we've been hearing so much about Pupusas, and there are no Pupusas on the Room Service menu.
We contacted our OAT liaison and asked for help with acquiring some Pupusas to eat. He told us about the Hugo app. Kind of like a Uber Eats and Walmart app combined with payment processing. 

The first day I tried, I did not have any success. I downloaded the app, but when I went to the page for the recommended restaurant I could not find Pupusas, I tried a couple other options but got too confused. I think some of my confusion was because I was HUNGRY. So, I gave up and ordered from Room Service.

But, I was determined, so the next day I tried again. Opening the app and going to the restaurant and searching for Pupusas still yielded "No Results." But I hunted piece by piece thru the menu and found it. Once I did some translating to figure out what selections to make, I went to order and was prompted to set up an account. Not surprising, but still a hassle - and should I really give my email and credit card to an El Salvadoran app? Yes - I'm hungry, and I want Pupusas! I did give a secondary email and credit card. 

Once I had successfully ordered, a tracking screen appeared letting me know when our food would arrive and be delivered to our room. Once the order was out for delivery, we could watch the delivery vehicle as it got closer - just like Uber.

Three Pupusas (and a Tres Leches) came to $6.55! And, they were delicious. What the description above does't mention is that the cornmeal griddle cake is stuffed with pork, refried beans and cheese. Kind of like an empenada but flat so not much filling. 

One more day until we take another Covid test and then we'll know whether we will be released into the wild, or we need to stay put.


EQinsight said...

Oh yum!!! Mouth watering. AND Tres Leches 😋🤗😋...perfect! Amazed that YOU got confused by an app!!! HUGS to you BOTH. Sounds like podcast or sit com material. SPEAKING of that, have you watched HULU's Only Murders in the Hotel. You'll love it.

Joe Wehry said...

That sounds so good right now. Substituting 🥞 pancakes and syrup because that's all we've got. There's a Pupusas Express about 10 hours away. I'll content myself with your photos