Sunday, January 02, 2022

Bienvenidos a El Salvador

 We did it! We broke free of the inertia keeping us home and actually packed bags and got on a train to the airport. Devon drove us to the Tri-Rail train station in Fort Lauderdale where we bought a $5 ticket to take us to Miami International Airport.

Our Covid test results still had not arrived, but since El Salvador does not require proof of a negative test, we could still get on the plane and go. We're feeling great, so are confident they will be negative. The flight was on time and we got seated and ordered a glass of champagne!

I'm a window seat person - I want the view. Even if all I see is clouds, I'll keep staring out the window for that birds-ey view. I'm pretty sure this was El Salvador:

I'm not sure if it was that rush of joy over the freedom of travel, or the heart-wrenching in-flight movie I was watching (12 Mighty Orphans), but I sobbed while looking out the window at this view. 

We landed at the San Salvador airport and were met by a representative of Overseas Adventure Travel who escorted us to a waiting van and a half hour ride to the Playa (beach) where our room at Boca Olas awaited us. 

Well, that half hour ride turned out to be 1.5 hours as the weekend traffic turned the road into a carnival. You could buy anything from a bottle of water to a bathing suit from the roadside stands.

We finally turned into the driveway of the Boca Olas resort and the chaos melted away. We took our luggage to the room and found the poolside bar so we could say our one memorized phrase in spanish, "Dos Cervezas, por favor." Then we took our beer and strolled down the walkway to the beach. This is apparently a famous surfing beach and Jim took a photo of a statue of a young woman surfer. From the inscription, it was clear that this was a memorial. I looked her up and found this YouTube video about her. She was in training for the Olympics when she died. It's a beautiful video, but be sure to have tissues handy.


It's been a while since we've seen a Pacific sunset!

We got back to our room, settled in and picked up our phones to catch up with email. 

Bad News

Our Covid tests came back. Chris was negative but Jim was positive. What!? I guess that's what they mean by asymptomatic, he feels fine. We reported the news to the trip leader who made arrangements for us to be transferred in the morning to a hotel in San Salvador where we can isolate, get another test, and hope for negative results so we can continue with the tour.

I think we'll have to come back to this place sometime.


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EQinsight said...

OMG !!!??!?! NOooooo!! Just as I was getting all nostalgic thinking of flights and champagne and Best Ever movie discoveries via in flight offerings. And the hotel!beach looks so enchanting. SHIT!!! 😳😵‍💫😮‍💨😵‍💫😳