Thursday, November 10, 2005

Austin Night Life

Thanx to Frank and his folks, Frank Sr and Carol, for taking us out on the town for my birthday and our 'farewell to Austin'. Here's our Austin family! The Austin night skyline is dominated by the Frost building. Actually, the daytime skyline is dominated by it too - but it's extra pretty lit-up at night. And, the capitol building is a classic beauty: I had been talking about how we couldn't leave Austin without seeing some of the famous night life and entertainment. So, we drove down 6th street where you can hear live music coming out of every doorway. And we visited a couple authentic old-time bars: Donn's Depot and Mean-Eyed Cat. Probably the most amazing thing about these bars was ... NO SMOKING ... I didn't think that was actually possible, but Austin has proven it can be done. They actually enforce the no smoking rule, even in bars! What a treat. y'know - if only there was an ocean nearby, Austin would be a pretty nice place to live. There's still some things we wanted to do while we were here - paddle kayaks in Town Lake and walk the entire trail on the Barton Springs greenbelt - but, it's time to go. Arizona is calling us! We're back on the road today.


Anonymous said...

Austin is a great place. It used to be a whole lot better but the Republicans are just ruining it.

Diane said...

Keep the rubber side down! And don't forget to visit Sonora Caverns and Big Bend on your way west.