Sunday, November 13, 2005

Deja Vu and Weighty Subjects

We left Austin on Thursday morning, traveled all day and into the night, and we were still in Texas! Here we are Friday morning at the rest area where we slept. And, Odie was happy to find that he had his very own rest area: So sorry that we couldn't stop and take advantage of some of the sights in West Texas. Someday we really must spend some time in the Big Bend area. And, we even passed right by a couple other sights on our 'must-see' list: Caverns of Sonora and Balmorhea Springs. They scuba dive there! But, alas! We have a job to do and we need to be in Las Cruces right now to do it. If you want to see a blog by people who are really seeing ALL the sights in this country, check out our friends Diane and Andy. Diane's been keeping a wonderful blog - showing us everything we've missed! Gee, thanx Diane! But then I remind myself, there aren't too many people I know (who are working) and get to wake up to scenes like this: That's our site at Hacienda RV resort, where we had some work to do for Coach Connect. We were also here last year. It's Deja Vu all over again! We always look at the Datastorm Users Map when we stop at a new place to see who else may be parked near us. At Hacienda, we saw that Weigh It was right in the same park, so we went over and said hi. Come to find out they will weigh our rig (each corner independently) without us doing a thing. And, it only cost $30! We've had this done before but it's probably been a year - so we said, let's do it. They do the weighing right at your site, all you have to do is drive up a couple feet. Here's how they do it: Then they feed all the numbers into their computer and give you a printout. We sit down and discuss it. The good news was that our weight is very evenly distributed left to right, front to rear. More good news is that we haven't added any weight during our life and travels of the last year. The bad news is that we were about 1,000 pounds overweight last year, and we're still overweight now. They put a little more air in our rear tires according to the tables of weight to tire pressure ratios. And, we vowed to toss a few more items. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you know that we got 6 really good brand new tires last fall. So we still feel pretty safe. But we know that weight and tires, tires and weight - that's probably the most important aspect of being safe on the road. So, we will keep working on it. Jim finished his work at Hacienda and we got back on the road. Another Deja Vu. Here's the highway photo I took of west New Mexico on Highway 10. It sure looks an awful like the photo I took last year on this same stretch of highway! And, we also stopped again at St. Clair winery in Demming, NM. We enjoyed the wine tasting, stocked our 'cellar' and even replaced the wine glass (bought here last year) that we broke! Now we're in Arizona where we have work waiting for us at Palm Creek Golf and RV. We stayed the night at Cochise Terrace RV resort. We're over 4,000 feet in elevation here, and the weather is crystal clear and 55 degrees. What we noticed right away is that, although the park was clearly able to handle big rigs, there were a lot of smaller ones parked here. We discovered that it was a rally of RVing Women. Cool. And, here's a Roadtrek, our favorite camper van style of RV. Actually, it's Roadtreks that started this whole adventure. My Mom had her eyes on them for many years and so, introduced Jim and me to them as well. That's what we were planning to get (actually put a deposit down) until we decided to go full-time and found our current motorhome on eBay!


Anonymous said...

Chris & Jim,

Thanks for the great write up!!! It was fun meeting you both & Odie too. Your weblog is so cool & we even learned some new tips from your website. Hope you have safe travels & a wonderful time in Yuma!

Stacey & Gail Frank

Diane said...

Thanks for the compliments about our blog. But just remember that you guys are fortunate as full-timers working and can do this for as long as you want! Whereas we're just vacationing, and at some time will actually have to get back to work...yikes!