Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Geocache by the Saguaros

Lynne and John came and stayed in the site next to us for the weekend. She beat me to the punch, publishing it in her weblog! It didn't take long after they got here for Jim put John to work climbing up on a roof and repairing an antenna connection. But, they are so good at making it clear that all work and no play is no good! We had dinner together Friday and Saturday night and, we took a few hours off on Sunday and went geocaching. It was a short - but steep and challenging, walk. This was a quick find. Then, back home to Palm Creek. And, back to work. Here's how I scoot around this 2000 space park to help people with their Wi-Fi Internet connections. Tuesday morning we gave another seminar. This one was on 'Safe Computing'. Next, it's our turn to visit. We'll be headed to Quartzsite to stay with Lynne and John ... and Frankie and Dick ... For the Thanksgiving weekend.

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