Saturday, November 12, 2005

On the road with Rear View

Ahhhhh .... back on the road again. We left Austin on Thursday, headed for Las Cruces New Mexico and then on to Casa Grande Arizona. It's a straight shot on Interstate 10 all the way. We've learned a lot about Interstate highways. Did you know that the even numbered highways are east/west and the odd-numbered are north/south? The ones that end in 5 are the major N/S roads. And the numbers get higher as you go north or west. Here's my rough rendition of the east west highways I-10, as you can see, is the southernmost: And, just because I'm on the topic, here's my take on the major north/south highways: Here's what I-10 looks like in West Texas. This picture was taken while we were at a rest area. Miles and miles of Texas. I love rest areas. There's no doubt that you're 'on the road' when you're using a rest area. Here we are: We did a record 450 miles that day! And, Jim was so happy that he had installed the backup camera and rearview mirror that he bought in Fort Lauderdale. You may have noticed in some of our photos that our motorhome has no window in the back. So, that means you have no way of seeing behind you. New motorhomes come standard with backup cameras, but ours didn't have one. It still had a rearview mirror. In the beginning I would find myself glancing at that rearview mirror all the time and being so surprised that all I could see was the bedroom! Why did they leave the stupid mirror there if it couldn't do it's job? Well, Jim found a backup camera that uses an attachment over the rear view mirror as it's display. Cool. Here's the little bitty camera that he mounted on the back of the rig. Then, the tricky part was getting the wiring inside the rig (he used a 'fishing wire' ... or maybe it's called a 'wire-fish' I'm not sure!) and stringing it all the way up to the front to attach to the monitor. The monitor is the size and shape of the rearview mirror and it attaches right over the existing rearview mirror. Way Cool! Now, when I glance at that rearview mirror - I see the view behind the motorhome. What a difference. It makes it so much easier to change lanes. And, we really know that the car and the kayaks are still there! Pictures of it don't come out so good, but maybe you can see what I mean in this one. If you look carefully on the left side, you can see the top of our yellow and blue kayaks (which are on top of the car) and a car coming up to pass us on the left. We drove till way past dark that first night, so we just slept in a rest area. Doesn't matter where you are when you close the doors, turn on the generator, raise the satellite dish. We can have our wine, cook and eat dinner, sit down at the computer to check some email. Then go to bed.

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