Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In Fort Lauderdale, a city park

We are currently staying at Paradise Island RV park in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. This was the very first park we stayed at - even before our house (that was 5 blocks away) sold. It has it's disadvantages - crowded, traffic, lots of sirens - but it certainly has it's advantages as well. It's less than a mile from my Mom's house and about 3 miles from Jim's Dad. We can see friends, clients, and attend functions almost like we were 'normal' people! I'm going to a book club meeting at an old friend's house on Thursday. I went to a local dog park with Odie yesterday. How fun! We do love our dogs don't we? Because of the camera hanging around my neck, I started talking to one dog-owner about photography. Then that turned into telling him about RVing. He was so full of questions! How do you find RV parks? How much do they cost? What do you do about mail? How long do you stay any one place? What was it like to 'downsize?' When you stay in RV parks all the time, you get to thinking it's 'normal.' Let me out into a city park and I felt like a Hogwarts student out in the land of 'muggles' for a while. Fun. I like feeling 'different.' If any readers out there have ever been to Paradise Island (aka Buglewood), you should recognize the guy driving this golf cart: That's Charlie and he's been here for years and years. He lives in an old Bluebird that hasn't moved for all those years. It's been painted, looks good, but it hasn't moved. Charlie likes dogs more than he likes people. He always carries dog biscuits with him in the cart. It's because of Charlie that Odie learned to accost anyone he sees in a golf cart! This park is completely full during the winter. A lot of folks have been coming down from Quebec every winter for 30 years. We like it in the summer when it's half empty. At least it's supposed to be half empty. This is April 11. Not quite summer yet, but it's definitely not winter anymore. Of the 200+ sites here, only a handful are empty.

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