Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WiFi Tip: 54Mbps is *not* better than 11Mbps!

I've posted a new entry on our other blog -- www.wifisavvy.com -- that I want you to know about. We post to this other blog a lot less frequently. We have it for 2 reasons: 1)for posts more focused on WiFi, or other technology discussions 2)to play with WordPress, a different blogging system besides Blogger. 54Mbps is *not* better than 11Mbps! This week we find ourselves back at our old ‘home’ RV park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This park has Coach Connect as their Wi-Fi hotspot provider and it is very good. So, we were quite surprised when a fellow RVer here said to us, “The Wi-Fi here is not so good.” When we pressed him further, he explained that it is *only* 11Mbps when he much prefers those that operate at 54Mbps. Oh My. Another misinformed user. read more ...

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