Monday, April 02, 2007

Another New Datastorm User

Check it out! Number 4822 on the DatastormUsers map. Andy and Diane are now the proud owners of a Datastorm 2-way Mobile Internet Satellite Dish. First you gotta get it up on the roof. Then you attach it to the roof and pass the cables to the inside of the coach. Jim normally passes them thru the refrigerator vent so he doesn't have to drill a hole in the roof. Next, you connect all the cables to the controller, the modem and the router and get it communicating with the appropriate satellite. Piece of cake! Now comes the hard part. Explaining it all to the inquisitive and proud new owners! And, here's what makes it all worthwhile ... The Blue Light! See Diane and Andy's side of the story on their blog. Welcome to the Datastorm Users club guys! I know you're going to love it. Oh ... and, thanx for the check. Say, why does the signature line say "April Fools"?!?!

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