Thursday, April 05, 2007

What Now?

I told Lynne that we are planning to leave Peace River on Saturday and she asked, "Are you excited to get back on the road?" Well, not exactly, no. I usually am excited to start the wheels rolling, but I'm a bit apprehensive this time. We just had such a high doing the seminars at the FMCA convention, but now we have *nothing* on our schedule and I'm worried. Life on the road, when you don't have a retirement income, is a roller coaster Lynne says. Yeah - you can say that again. It's still better than most roller coasters - the highs are SO high, and the lows are still better than most people's normal days. It got me to thinking about when we first started on this journey. I went back and read a few posts from the first blog I started. It kinda seems like we're right back where we started. Only with a lot less savings! It's been on my list for a while to copy the posts from that first blog into this one so everything is in one place. No better time than the present eh? So, I started. I copied the first post in the first blog and pasted it into a new entry here. Then I went to edit the date so it didn't look like it was posted today. Today is 4/5/07 ... that first post was 4/05/03. I didn't plan this ... honest. Anyway - all the old posts are in here now. You could actually go to the very first post and then click on "Newer Post" when you get to the bottom. You could keep reading and then clicking on "Newer Post" for probably 40 hours and read the whole thing! So, here we are. We don't know where we're going, but we're going. We'll figure it out! Stay tuned. I got an email from a blog reader today that brightened my day. His website talks about the RV journey in terms of the Traditional Lakota Vision Quest which is in 3 stages. I think we're embarking on the third stage - good stuff to come! Ha! Be careful what you wish for ... you just might get it! What I wished for is a life where I don't know what tomorrow may bring. Well - I got it honey!

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Jeff SKI Kinsey said...

dreams do come true!