Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Reviews are In

I think I know what actors feel like as they gather at the local hangout and wait for the newspapers on opening night. Wondering if the critics are going to write good reviews or bad. Our reviews come from the toughest critics ... the audience! At the FMCA seminars, attendees are asked to complete a small evaluation form and turn them in. Once the staff has a chance to sort them and look at them all, they compile a summary report and sent it to us. It was worth the wait! Here's a sample:
Monday, March 19, High Speed Internet 700+ attendees (Standing room only.) “Fantastic presentation! This will probably be the best seminar presented @ this show.” “Best computer seminar EVER in 5 Intl FMCA conventions – not selling product is great!” “Very people friendly.”
and ...
Thursday, March 22, Google Earth 275 attendees “Awesome! I am a huge fan of Geeks on Tour.” “All of the Guld’s seminars have been great! Would love to see them @ more seminars. Learned so much!” “Bring the Gulds back. Great!
Yeee Hawww !!! We're feeling pretty good right now! You can read the complete report on our Geeks on Tour website. THANK YOU FMCA for putting on such a great convention and making us part of it. And, THANK YOU Beaudry RV for sponsoring us! See you in Redmond for the next FMCA convention - August 13-16 One of the bloggers from our class got a good picture of the hundreds of motorhomes that were parked there. And, another blogger from the rally posted a copy of the aerial photo. Jim's slideshow:

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Great utube thing.