Monday, September 03, 2007


Our thermometer today was reading 104 in the shade!
This park is very close to San Diego, so a lot of people come out just for the weekend, and the Labor day weekend is one of the busiest of the whole year. I don't think I've ever seen a pool so full!

We 'hid out' most of the day. Kept the blinds closed and the air conditioning on - luckily the electricity held up. The news coverage from San Diego area reported several areas of power failures today.

We did get out this morning for the swap meet. We only sold a couple CDs, but it was good to get some practice, we might do more 'booths' in the future.

And, I also took some time to make a phone call - cell signal is non-existent at our site, but I can make a phone call fine if I go up the hill a ways by the basketball court!? Can you hear me now?

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Anonymous said...

Gee, sitting in the sun in 104 degrees to make a telephone call isn't exactly cutting-edge tech. Nice way to call Mom.

You should have tried selling t-shirts or an hour of one-on-one computer instruction!

Say, could you possibly e-mail a copy of the photo that speeds past on your main page? The one from Twxas that shows two bluffs almost meeting? You must be kayaking. I'd like to paint it. Emily