Sunday, September 16, 2007


With our new sign on the back of the motorhome - you can't miss us! We expected to get a few more hits on our website because of this, or to meet more people in the campgrounds with this conversation starter, but, we didn't expect this: email:
"... I am right behind you in my car as I type this on ca-371. If you're not online right now you aren't as much of a geek as me. (you have been outgeeked) ..."
It's true, we are not able to get online while we're driving with our satellite dish. You need a cellular-based aircard for that. If money were not an issue, we'd probably have one of those too, but, actually I enjoy knowing that there is sometime that I *can't* get online!
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Chris said...

You got any idea how that person was getting online?
Do you only use your laptop while you're driving for directions like a GPS?

Chris Guld said...

Yes, the person behind us was online using an aircard. They get their connection from cell towers, so they work just like phones and can be used driving down the road. Our laptop is connected to GPS, but not to Internet as we're driving.