Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Verde Valley

What a nice place to hang out. I saw a fox walking thru the campsite right across from me - didn't have the camera out. The weather has been gorgeous. 60s at night, 80s in the late afternoon. Brilliant, sunny days. And, such friendly, helpful staff :-) ... I'm afraid I spoke too soon about my satellite Internet troubles being over on Monday morning. I was on for an hour or so, then the transmit/receive problems started up again. I was on for about a half hour on Tuesday, and less than 5 minutes today! Ouch! The symptoms indicate RF interference, like happens when there is a radar detector nearby. I haven't started knocking on doors, but I just can't imagine than there are any radar detectors around here at the end of the road!? I almost moved to another site ... but I really like the site I'm in, so I decided to take advantage of the free WiFi at the clubhouse. It's kinda like going to the office!
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