Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kayaking La Jolla's Caves

Last week we drove to La Jolla and scoped it out for launching and paddling kayaks, saying we'd come back this week. We did it! So many times we've said we'd 'do that later', and never do. But this was just too good to pass up!

It was a gorgeous day. The drive was a little less than an hour from our campsite at Ramona.

You drive right on the beach to launch the kayaks. You gotta watch the video to see how we had to paddle thru the surf to get out. It was actually very little surf, but compared to what we're used to in Fort Lauderdale ! Watch out. Luckily we don't have video of when we came back in. The surf dumped us both! First time I've ever flipped the kayak. You will need Flash to play this video, if you don't have it you can download Flash for free. You might also need some dramamine! If it starts getting jerky, pause the playback until the download gets further ahead. or - if the flash version didn't work for you, try YouTube: After getting out, it was pretty calm going over to the caves. You could even see the kelp and the bright orange Garibaldi fish in the chilly water below you. Here's Jim braving the caves. I've certainly seen plenty of seals before - but not paddling close enough to pet them! I just can't imagine how much money it takes to live here! Do I feel guilty for taking a whole day when I should have been doing web work and bookkeeping? Yes. Would I do it again? Yep.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!"

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Diane said...

Loved the video! That was one thing we haven't done...yet. How cold was the water?

Chris Guld said...

Hey Diane,
Water temp was maybe 72. People were swimming long distances with just bathing suits! I tried to imagine jumping in and diving. brrr

Anonymous said...

Geeky goodness!

I've downloaded my LAST "latest," "free" flash drive. It doesn't work on my DSL-powered "Firefox" browser.

Maybe you could try the "YouTube" loads and plays instantly.

I don't know the tech-techniques involved. But "Geeks On Tour" do.

Don't you?

Chris Guld said...

Okee Doke - I did a You Tube version too. You'd be surprisd at the number of options for rendering and uploading video. And that's because ... *nothing* works very well! Someday the dust will settle. Hope it works for ya.

Rod Ellison said...

That looked FUN!!!. I'll post a link on the Kayuba site so those that might not follow your BLOG can check this video out.. Have fun! rod
BTW, trying my own new adventure tommorrow.. bought a hookah kit for the kayak, will try out in the ocean tommorrow.

Chris said...

That sure looks like fun..

How about an update on your kayaks condition after riding on top of your car for over a year? Are they bent or out of shape? Is the plastic getting brittle? Is your kayak in better shape then Jim's?

Anonymous said...

Just read about your trip .sweet.i shared your webpage with my facebook so ppl can see how cool is kayaking in la jolla's caves
thanks guys

A local friend from IB