Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tires, Airports, and Satellite Dishes

I've been told by tire experts that tires don't 'blow out', they just lose air. hmmm Well, we had a tire the other day that 'lost air' with a nerve-wracking *BANG*. Sorry, but I call that a blowout! Luckily it was the inside dual tire and didn't damage anything else, it happened just before a rest area so we were able to limp along and pull in the parking lot. Our Good Sam emergency road service was there within 15 minutes and we were soon back on the road! The bad part was the next day in Phoenix when we decided we should replace both of the dual tires so they would be the same. There goes $400! We drove up to Thousand Trails Verde Valley - about 2 hours north of Phoenix where we had reservations for 2 weeks. It's a breathtaking drive. Then, yesterday, I took Jim to the Phoenix airport and put him on a plane for Fort Lauderdale. Believe it or not, he's making the trip to fix my Mom's computer! I thought she was kidding at first, but then she explained that service from the store where she bought it would cost $130/hr and she'd rather spend the money on a plane ticket for Jim - the only person she really trusts to work on her computer. hmmmm, well, we were just hanging out these 2 weeks anyway, and he could visit the rest of the family plus a couple other computer clients. I guess I can sacrifice and hang out here ...
You may be wondering why I haven't posted for 3 days. Well, the satellite dish Internet connection stopped working as Jim packed up to go to the airport! I think it was on strike knowing it's 'master' was leaving. Really - we pulled in here Friday afternoon, raised the dish and got online within 10 minutes. It worked fine all Friday night. As he was packing up Saturday morning, I got online and it crapped out on me. He told me nothing was wrong, leave it alone, it will be back on Monday when the folks at Hughes come back to work. Yep, it's Monday morning and I'm back online.
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Mike McFall said...

Too bad you didn't have a PressurePro tire air Monitoring system on your rig. Running a tire with low pressure or after it picks up a nail and loses air is the common cause of blow outs..

Life is a lot simpler with a PressurePro System!


Chris Guld said...

How right you are! It's on our list.

Anonymous said...

Hi girlfriend... how many things can we spend money on to not regularly give our tires a check or a good thump with a bat at stops.
And yes I guess it is loss of air but we have been behind several Rv's and trailers that had sudden, LOUD, and very messy "losses of air". Love you just glad you are safe.