Friday, September 07, 2007

Last Seminar at Pio Pico

We gave our last seminar at Pio Pico on Thursday. It was on Managing Digital Photos with Picasa. Suprisingly, none of the 3 attendees even had a digital camera. But, they'll be a big step ahead when they do get one!

Even though the seminar is not hands-on, we demonstrate every detail. We take our digital camera to the class and snap a few photos - transfer them to the computer, rename them, organize them, fix 'em up, email them, upload them to a web album and back them up. All using Picasa. Damn, I love that program!

The camera is not always kind when we snap these quick shots. In this class, the photos of me and Jim make us look positively crazy. I think they're funny. I hope I'm not scaring away any future students by posting them here!

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1 comment:

Fred & Wilma said...

Chris you look GREAT! Keep up your great work teaching Picasa. I actually had to re-fresh my memory with your illustration on getting photo's from the web album and putting them in my blog.
I don't know what I would have done without your courses on your blog site.

Both you and Jim are great! Keep up your fantastic work. I look forward to more of your courses on your blog. By the way, I check in on your blog daily.

Thanks again for all your help.