Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fort Lauderdale to San Jose

By RV, we would probably take a month to make this trip.  By plane it was one day.  I much prefer RV travel – but flying certainly has it’s advantages!  The main one of course is that it makes short trips possible.  Google wanted us here to be on a panel on Thursday, then we’ll do our Picasa Webinar on Friday, and be back home in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. 


The other advantage is the view.  I always get a window seat because I love to look out and see places I’ve been from this unique perspective.  I suppose I’d get tired of it if I flew for business all the time – but, as it is, I’m fascinated.


Here’s the view leaving Fort Lauderdale.


And, here we are landing in Chicago.  Yes, I said Chicago! … No clue how they plan these routes …


Then comes the midwest – and I think this is the Mississippi River, around Dubuque.  We were there earlier this year and visited the River Museum. 


Then came Denver airport, and the Rocky Mountains.


And, last is the rolling hills of California – Mt. Diablo in the distance I think – coming in to land at San Jose.


It was a relaxing flight – we read the magazines, and our books.  We had our computers in our carry-ons, but there was no power at our seats and no Wi-Fi – so they stayed in our carry-ons!  Now we’re at the Santa Clara Marriot, using the Wi-Fi at $12.95/day!  We’re looking forward to having dinner with the Google Picasa Team tonight.  And lunch with my oldest friends – Lanz, a friend since 8th grade who lives in the Bay area, and Arynne, a friend since 9th grade who lives in Santa Cruz.


I hope we get to take a nap sometime since we were wide awake at 4:30 am!  Now there’s another advantage of RV travel – the time zone changes are much more gradual!

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Marilyn said...

We are so excited for you.Have fun atGoogle. We are right up the road in Redwood City visiting family.