Friday, November 13, 2009

Visit to Google

What nice kids these are here in Google land!  Yes, that’s right – they are kids.  Our main contact has been a delightful woman named Brenna … she was born in 1983 – the same year as Jim’s son Devon, and the same year my Mom and I started our computer training business, Computer Savvy.


Here’s Brenna and another Picasa team member, Christina when they took us out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant called the Left Bank.


On Thursday morning, I was a panelist at a meeting of 3-400 Google employees who focus on the users … You.  They think I know something about what you want.  I felt honored, and it was *really* fun for me.  Here’s Jim and me posing with my fellow panelists.  From left to right -


Terry from Nortwestern University, Danny from, and Mike from


After the conference, we all had a tour of Google’s main campus.  It really does feel like a university.



'42' = the answer to life, the universe, and everything - just Google it!


Jim just had to leave a tweet using a computer in Google's lobby!


Then, last night we spent some time at Google offices getting ready for the webinar this morning.  Speaking of which … *gotta go*


Jim Gass said...

Congradulations on the honor of being asked to participate with Google. It is an honor. Keep up the great service

Chris said...

I guess I got mixed up about the time of the Picasa today... Darn
Some how I was thinking it was in the evening at 8pm California time, I don't know where I got that idea.
I was looking forward to learning more about Picasa with you guys, I hope you have another one soon.