Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogger Changes

There's a big new feature on Blogger!  In addition to blog posts, you can now have up to 10 static 'Pages.'  That's huge.  The ability to make pages is why I started using Wordpress for all my websites/blogs except for this personal blog.  ( and  I've become such a fan of Wordpress that I've even been considering switching this blog to Wordpress.  But, Blogger is still by far the easiest blogging system - and the one I like to teach for Travel Blogs. 

And, now - it even includes pages.  I just created a page called 'Our Other Websites' - you might be able to see the link to it at the top of the blog posts. 

I've been using this same template - the colors and layout that you see - for several years.  It doesn't have a very good way of displaying the 'Pages.'  Or many of the other, newer, features.  It's been time to find a new template for quite some time, but anything I tried just resulted in errors.  Another reason I've been so enamored with Wordpress is the abundance of styles - 'Themes' available to pick from.

So, it's time to start investigating Blogger options again.  I tested a couple new templates on a sample blog and was impressed at how well they worked.  So ... it's time to make some changes to this blog.

Watch out!  I may be opening Pandora's box here. Yes, I'm going to make a backup first! 
Here's the video where I show you how to backup your Blogger blog posts.  And this video shows how to back up the images and other page elements
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Lynne said...

Wow I am really in a quandary myself... my domain subscription is up so should I change to a host that fits more of my needs or just pay again and wordpress versus blogger is definitely an option.... hmmmm
the more you know the less sure it seems. thanks for throwing the info out there.

Marilyn said...

WOW I like your new look. Not so busy. Hope we get to see you this summer. Thanks for all the information you make avaiable.

Freely Living Life said...

Love your new look! :) There are a *TON* of FREE Blogger templates to choose from so it makes it hard to pick one. And then once you upload the new template you have to play around with it because as you said a lot of them result in errors.

I agree that Blogger is the easiest blogging system to learn. We just started our blog and love the simplicity of Blogger and the new "pages" feature!!

Rich said...

Where do you find the "tons" of templates? I only see the same dozen or so. Rich

Chris said...

The 'tons of free templates' are not by Google, they are by 3d parties. Just google for 'Blogger Templates'

Huseyin said...

agree that Blogger is the easiest blogging system to learn. We just started our blog and love the simplicity of Blogger and the new "pages" feature sohbet odalari