Thursday, February 04, 2010

FMCA SE Area Rally

Hundreds of RVs arrived at the Hernando County Airport.  Here is one group.  The owners of ‘Born Free’ RVs stick together here:

We got parked and then set up our booth.  There’s not much to it.

Our main reason for coming to these rallies is to present our seminars – and get the word out about our tutorial videos on our website.  For this rally we scheduled Picasa, Internet on the Road, and Google Earth.  We were expecting 50-100 people in Picasa and were pleasantly surprised when the number was closer to 150.

The next day was ‘Internet on the Road.’  It’s been our experience that interest in that topic has been waning since the cellular data cards have become so popular.  Many people stopped by our booth to chat and, when we asked them how they connect to the Internet, they responded with ‘a Verizon card.’ and the tone of voice was like, ‘Duh – what a stupid question!’
So, we were doubly surprised when we had nearly 250 people for that seminar.

The bad part is that we were *way* short on handouts.  Oh well … it just gives them a reason to visit our website!  All our seminar handouts are available for download at – you just need to click on the topic you want on the left-hand menu.

Today, the vendor area closed down at 3 so everyone could enjoy the parade.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, so we got outside and watched too.
No, that’s not Odie.  Just some other handsome dog … with balloons on his back.

Here’s Odie – he just has a special paper flower that someone in the parade gave him:

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