Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Nothing Like a Deadline!

We’ve had 4 days here at Thousand Trails Orlando with nothing but catch-up work on our schedule.  We start the next rally tomorrow at Brooksville, so anything I wanted done has to be done before we leave.



  1. I got our newsletter (long overdue) done – you can read it here.
  2. I re-organized all our Picasa videos into a new disk that we will sell at the rally.  50 videos!  Over 4 hours now of tutorials on Picasa.
  3. I wrote 2 Picasa tip-o-the-weeks
    Capture one Shot from a Video
    Importing Photos to the Proper Folders
  4. I wrote my weekly post for RV.net.  Here I cheated a little and took an article from the newsletter – just enhanced it a bit.
  5. Jim’s been busy printing up books, disks, brochures, certificates etc.

And you thought we were on vacation!  Whatever would give you that idea?!


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