Monday, February 15, 2010

Coconut Grove Art Festival

Not our normal Sunday!  But Jim’s son, Devon, was working at a booth – so that sounded like a good excuse to visit this famous art festival in South Miami.

It was a gorgeous day for it – and we weren’t the only ones that thought is was a good way to spend the day.

Beautiful ... and Bizarre ... art
Can you see the flamingo hidden in this – the signature art for the festival?

Good Food

Here we are showing off our purchases:

Verizon had a booth ... the Art of Technology.

They were promoting the Palm Pre Plus – a phone I’ve been thinking about getting.  Se we joined in the game  they organized to win a phone.  Mom is the only one who lasted past the first couple rounds!

We didn’t win the phone.  But I took the opportunity to ask one of the Verizon reps about the comparison between the Droid (what Jim has) and the Palm Pre Plus.  He said that his choice was clearly the Droid.  Ok

It was an enlightening day … gotta get some culture once in a while!  But, when we saw the iguanas pumping iron, we figured it was time to go.


Freely Living Life said...

Looks like the Iguanas are gonna get ready for the next winter in Florida. Bet it wasn't a normal Sunday twisting and turning your head and brain around some of those amazing pieces. Nice to see John having a cold one in Feb. Take care.

MobilityCast - Verizon Events said...

Don't forget to look for Verizon Wireless again this year at the Coconut Grove Art Festival 2011. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve, and NEW technology to showcase as well See you there. @MobilityCast - Verizon's Live Mobile Events Marketing Team