Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Wordpress Blogging Class

I love Blogger for personal blogs – but I also love Wordpress, especially for somewhat more complex needs.  We maintain two Wordpress blogs: (Picasa Tips_ and (Computer Tips for Travelers) and I’ve set up several Wordpress sites for others.  For people who want to manage their own websites, I think Wordpress is a great way to go. 

So, we’ve added it to our list of seminars and will be offering it at the upcoming FMCA National Convention in Albuqurque.  One of the Wordpress sites I’ve set up recently was for my Women’s Executive Club.  So, I decided to offer a seminar to any WEC members who were interested.  It was great to have the opportunity to rehearse the class with a small audience.  It went pretty well.


On Saturday morning at Chadia’s business meeting room, we had 9 Women’s Executive Club members who came to learn how to Blog.  I taught the class and Jim was to assist.  Lenore and Lyn created brand new blogs during the class.  Emily , Joyce , Chadia and Jenette learned a little more about their existing blogs.  Lynda , Carol and Liz got ideas!

You can download a copy of the class handout if you’re interested in learning about blogging with Wordpress.

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