Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Next Rally - Albuquerque

We're back in Fort Lauderdale, back to working on websites, seminars, books, and DVDs.  We just confirmed our list of seminars for the March 22 FMCA Convention in Albuquerque.  We're not ready to leave Fort Lauderdale in time to drive to Albuquerque, so we're going to fly there this time.  That’ll be weird – to be at a rally without our RV.  We are scheduled for 7 seminars - 4 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday:

  1. Managing Digital Photos with Picasa
  2. Picasa: Beyond the Basics
  3. Using Google Earth
  4. Internet on the Road
Thursday = Make your own Websites day!
  1. Every RVer Needs a Blog - using the free and EASY Blogger.com
  2. Blogging: Beyond the Basics - still using Blogger
  3. Make Your Website with Free Wordpress.com
We’re filling up our summer tour schedule too – we’re up to 9 appearances for 2010 so far.  Check out our schedule for more details.

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