Sunday, May 23, 2010

6 New Tires – Ready to Roll

We have almost 8,000 miles planned for this summer and Jim wanted to ride those miles on Michelin tires rather than the assortment we had, so he drove our home to the tire store this week while I went over to my Mom’s house.  We hit the road today, just going a couple hundred miles to the Orlando Thousand Trails.  I’m anxious to know if I feel the difference.
Mom likes traveling with us in the RV so much that she’s coming with us for the first leg of our trip … to Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We’ll be presenting seminars at the RV Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference from June 3-6.  Then, I”ll fly back with her and stay at her place for a couple weeks while Jim stays alone with the RV in Kentucky,  I think our belief is that, after a period with 3 people together, an adjustment time alone will bring us back to normal? 
On Friday, we finally got the weather needed for a kayak dive.  Jim’s been out a couple of times recently, but I haven’t been since last October.  I’m SOO grateful for that day.  If you’ve never been diving, it’s probably hard to imagine the pure joy and contentment that is brought on by being weightless in warm ocean water – no talking – no listening except to your bubbles and your own thoughts.  It is my meditation.  See this past post for more description on why we like kayak diving so much.

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